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Honest and customer orientated

I recently had dealings with Jay and Mark who now run The Auto House and I found them to be both pleasant to deal with, honest and customer orientated.

When a car we purchased from The Auto House developed a problem soon after purchase, Jay, a true gentleman, dispatched a tow truck to collect the car PLUS a cheque that fully refunded our money.

The car in question had a full service history and low kilometers - just a case of bad luck. Buying from a dealer with a full warranty saved the day.

Paddy McCann

The most professional

Been hunting around for a car across Sydney and found out of all the places I went, the service at The Auto House to be The most professional, honest and friendliest crew i came across. Thanks to Jay and the team at The House! Love my new car!

Oz Tyz

Highly recommenced

Ive purchased 3 cars from Auto House over the times and never had a problem. They were friendly and always made sure i was happy. Out of the 3 cars i took 1 back and they fixed it for me straight away without paying a cent. Would highly recommenced them to buy a car!

Michael Michaels

Great work

I have bought my first car from The Auto House it was a online purchased I would like to thank Jay for being honest with every little detail he made sure he gave me the best warranty option an the best finance rate and made sure the vehicle was delivered in best condition.Thanks heaps again for your great work! Will definitely buy a car from you again!!!!

Jessica Noah

Reasonable prices

Hello there.. This is the 2nd time we are purchasing our car from 'The Auto House', this time it was for my unt. She is so happy about satisfied with her new car, that she personally wanted me to pass on her regards and specifically asked that I write here :)) Thank you once again for not letting us down! We have been to many many car yards, let me tell you, it's hard to find honest dealers and reasonable prices !! Best Regards, MS !!!

Mel Stefou

Thanks a million

I bought a car from this dealer perfect condition 1 week laters battery start given me problem i call the dealer they said please bringed to us and they replaced brand new battery and they didnt charge me any dollar for it thanks guys my next car i'll buy from you guys. Thanks a million.

Mark Clark